Monday, February 25, 2013


I recently came across an exciting new documentary called "Stuck" put out by the Both Ends Burning Campaign.   Both Ends Burning is an organization which exists to support the culture of adoption and to help facilitate changes in the current adoption system.  Stuck is movie about international adoption.  Here is the trailer for the documentary.

They are touring the country, showing the movie and collecting signatures for the Step Forward for Orphans March that will take place in Washington D.C. in May.  You can find out more on their website  The Kirks are hoping to make a trip to the showing nearest us if we can make it happen with Wes's crazy work schedule.

It's a complex issue, international adoption.  We all want to safeguard children.  We all want adoptions that are ethical.  But it does feel like it is politics and bureaucracy that seem to be getting in the way.  (I'm looking at you, Russia).  There has to be a way to ensure that adoptions are ethical AND process them in a timely manner.  I like the point that the documentary makes about what happened in Haiti just after the earthquake.  We were able to bring several thousand kids over to the US is a relatively short period of time.  It was done because the kids were thought to be in crisis after the earthquake.  But orphans all over the world are already in a crisis situation every day that they sit in orphanages unnecessarily.  I realize that adoption alone isn't the solution for our orphan crisis.  But for those children who do have waiting families through adoption, why not work on the process so that children aren't spending years alone in orphanages while their family wades through endless red tape to bring them home?

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