Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blizzard of Oz

Today is the rare Kansas snow day.  We had record-breaking (since 1966) snowfall, and a "thundersnow".  See the awesome CNN video below.

Jena woke up sickly today, but rallied in the afternoon so I let her go out and play in the snow.  Now this makes me either the best or worst mother ever, I know.  (Jena is reading this over my shoulder and just shouted "BEST!"  So there's that.)  

A headless snowman cause that's how we roll.  Get it?  Don't encourage me, that was terrible.

Jena's brothers are often in her thoughts and she's commented several times today that she can't wait to show them snow, since they would never have seen it before.  

Our dog Taylor had a dentist appointment today (Yes, we are THOSE people), and we foolishly dropped him at the vet this morning.  The vet called later to tell us that she was missing staff and wouldn't be able to do the cleaning today.  So Taylor was stuck at the vet most of the day until Wes could pick him up on his way home.  Jena and Taylor are the best of friends.  And when she is sick...she wants her Taylor.  She had to settle for Carly today, which worked ok, but she told me a couple times she still missed Taylor.  Here's a pic of Jena napping with Carly.  

Last, but definitely not least, we got an update on our bigger boy today.  He's still in the orphanage, so we only get monthly updates on him.  He's growing, and beautiful and we just can't wait to meet him in person.  Still waiting for that court date.  Any day now...

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