Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mommy's Heart Went Pop

A week or two ago I shared a facebook posting from Jen Hatmaker about the book Mommy's Heart Went Pop, by Christina Kyllonen & Peter Greer.  I've since ordered this book, actually I ordered two of them since I wanted to inscribe one for each boy, and I can tell you that it is just amazing.
It tells the story of a mommy awaiting her little boy from Africa.  One of my favorite parts is the mommy explaining to her biological children that "she had a baby growing in her heart, not in her belly like so many other mommies."  Just precious.  Jena has read it several times, and she loves it as well.
Another great thing about this book is that 100% of the proceeds go to the RubyMyles Fund, which gives grants to adopting families and organizations providing orphan care.  Here's the promotional video for the book.  Watch it and don't cry, I dare ya.

You can get your copy here, or on Amazon.  

Behind my book picture you can see the adorable blue rug I picked up for the boys' room.  I'm pretty in love with it.  Our boys' room is starting to come together.  More on that soon. :)

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