Sunday, April 21, 2013

A letter from Jena

My sweet Jena was reading my blog over my shoulder this week and asked if she could contribute.  "I want to write something on your blog!" she told me.  So she decided that she'd like to write a letter to her brothers and place it on the blog.  This is Jena's letter, as dictated to me.

Dear E & J,

I love you.  I want you to come home soon.  Even though you haven't seen us yet, you know we are here.  You are the best little brothers.  I love you.  I will show you all the toys you have gotten while you are gone.  You will like to see your new home.  You will really like it.  You'll like your bedroom because you will get to sleep next door to me.  You will like it when you get here, I know you will because this is such a good home for us.  I will play with you a lot when you get home.  You will see everyone in your family and you will play with me.  And you will like to play with mommy and daddy and Carly and Taylor.  You will like Carly and Taylor.  They are cute doggies.  They will give you lots of kisses when you come home.  We are praying for you here at home.  You will be surprised when we come to you.  We've been praying everyday for a long time.  We wish you could get home sometime this month.  You will like having a new family.  You will get to watch movies with me when you come home.  You'll have lots of new things to do.  I am excited to come see you.  It will be really fun, and you will think it's fun too, I know you will.  Mommy and me will do bedtime stories with you and mommy will sing a song to you while I read a book to you.  You will like all the things you have when you come.  When you see our house you will be super surprised.  You don't know what it looks like yet.  I will teach you how to do the abc's and do our language.  I will also teach you how to read really good like me.  I will teach you how to play soccer with me.  And someday when you get my age, you might play soccer like me.
We can't wait to see you.  We love you.


Love that kid.

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