Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Much love to new friends

In recent weeks I've gotten to meet and chat with several other adoptive families to Ethiopia who live in the midwest.  A couple of them are even using the same agency as us.  We call them "agency-mates".  :)  We wanted to give a quick shout-out to some of those new friends and tell you about some exciting ways you can help two awesome families on their journey to little ones in Ethiopia.

First, the Ogden Family.  

You can read more out their journey here.  They are just one state over from us in Missouri (but we're not holding that against them.)  :)  They are fundraising for their adoption expenses with these great t-shirts.  Here are the Kirks modeling them.  :)

You can find out how to order them on the link above.  Super cute.  We get lots of complements on them when we wear them. 

Next, the Haude Family.  

They've just begun their adoption process to Ethiopia.  You can read more about the Haude family here.  They are close by in Hillsboro, Kansas.  They are fundraising their adoption with coffee!  Did you know Ethiopia is known for its amazing coffee?  It's true!  You can find yummy Ethiopian coffee, as well as varieties from around the world AND support an amazing family on their journey to their children in Ethiopia.  Win-Win!  Get your delicious coffee here.

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  1. wow, Nancy! Thank you! You are so sweet and thoughtful! It feels good to have a fundraiser underway :) We are looking into getting Tshirts designed...because we think it will be a fun way for our friends and family to join us and raise awareness of orphan care/adoption needs. Thanks so much for posting this! Here's to bringing home our kids! Woohoo!